PURE PAYROLL offers you PlatinumPay.net, a powerful, convenient tool for managing your payroll and human resource functions on the internet. Its an integrated online suite of Payroll, HR, Time and Attendance applications. With a few clicks of your mouse, your PlatinumPay.net can be managed from anywhere.

PlatinumPay uses the latest internet security technology, ensuring a safe online experience. Because there is nothing to install on your PC, you are relieved from data backups or unauthorized access.

Power and flexibility is what PlatinumPay is all about. Fast data entry is available from simple input screens. With on-screen gross to net calculations and real-time processing, you can see the final data instantly.

You won’t lose the “Human Factor” with PlatinumPay. You are assigned a Payroll Specialist at start-up and will continue to interact with your Specialist. Your Payroll Specialist reviews your payrolls checking for anything that might have been overlooked.

For more information go to our PlatinumPay.net Demo or call us at 732-556-4818.

You can handle payroll without ever leaving your desk.

The easy-to-use timekeeping solution that's linked to your payroll professionals at Pure Payroll. With the Pure Payroll Time and Attendance system, the hassle of collecting time cards, adding hours, and submitting them to your payroll professionals

is eliminated.

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