PURE PAYROLL offers an automated timekeeping system. As a simple alternative to laborious time card preparation, our solution offers numerous time tracking options making it easy to integrate into your business.

Our timekeeping solution will improve your payroll accuracy and eliminate the need to calculate time cards or collect data. The system eliminates the cost and hassle of employees “buddy punching”.

Your employees will punch in by the swipe of a card, enter a PIN number, use the computer or through a biometric finger scan. Your employee data is then available reliably and securely for you to review.

You can verify and edit employee punches and see payroll reports from the software we provide you at no cost. Our system is exceptionally user-friendly and saves you many hours of paperwork.

For more information go to our Time and Attendance Demo or call us at 732-556-4818.

You can handle payroll without ever leaving your desk.

The easy-to-use timekeeping solution that's linked to your payroll professionals at Pure Payroll. With the Pure Payroll Time and Attendance system, the hassle of collecting time cards, adding hours, and submitting them to your payroll professionals

is eliminated.

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